Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Play the Game

Drew and I went to the French Open!!!! I know you must be wondering how in the world we got french open tickets...it was pretty easy. At 5 pm everyday for the first 3 rounds, they resell tickets for seats that have been vacated for the day. Drew and I were going to get in line at 4 (haha) and see if we could get any...well we got to that side of town kind of early so we decided to check out Roland Garros at 2:30 just to see and there was already a small line...so we decided to just start waiting...yes, we waited 2 and a half hours!! The time went pretty fast even though it was hot. So, by being at the front of the line, we were able to by 29 euro tickets for row one of stadium Philippe Chatrier (the main stadium) and see Nadal play. Now, I'm no expert at tennis (ask Drew how many times I asked what Nadal's name was) but I know a good thing when it happens to me. And this was a GOOD thing. Nadal pretty much dominated Montanes and won the match. He also ended up winning all of the French Open!!! This was definitely an amazing day!


in Philippe Chatrier

Philippe Chatrier Stadium


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